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List of recipients:

Beneath The Sea :
   Prestigious Northeast Pioneer Diver of the year awardees.

   Mike deCamp with Ed Smith

Captain John Moyer, Mike decamp, Captain Steve Gatto & Tom packer

Michael A. deCamp died early on the morning of April 9, 2013,  His life was a clear path; no regrets, no guilt, no complications. He was a powerful force that will be missed. Jock deCamp
Mike deCamp-Diving Legend.pdf

First-awardee' BTS NE Pioneer Award 2010
First Recipient Mike deCamp
North East underwater photographer, on left  with Ed Smith from BTS
receiving first BTS 2013 Northeast Pioneer Diver of The Year award

Mike has recorded most of the North East shipwrecks; his pictures have been used in  many of the  books written by other authors

Second  awardee' -2011 Recipient Captain Paul Hepler, Dive boat Venture is the BTS Northeast Pioneer Diver of the year

Third - awardees' 2012 Recipients  June & Leroy "Roy" Kieser Recipients of the 2012  BTS Northeast Pioneer Diver's of the year.


Fourth-awardee' 2013 Captain Steve Bielenda

Fifth-awardee' 2014 Captain Bill Reddan, Jeanne II


Capt Bill Reddan

Sixth -awardee' 2015 De Ditter

Diving news below:

2011 Andrea Doria bridge  bell recovery

Joel Silverstein expedition leader aboard Captain Dave Sutton boat Explorer

John & Evelyn Dudas Andrea Doria binnacle


July 1981 25th Anniversary Doria plaque commissioned by photographer Bill Campbell commemorating the sinking in 1956, , Captain Steve Bielenda with the plaque on the Doria boat deck & Hank Keatts on the Wahoo deck. Captain Gary Gilligan & Gary  Gentile with a recovered ceramic panel  by Romano Rui this art work hung in  the Andrea Doria  Bar & restaurants


2011 Helm wheel from the Oil wreck ;Recovered by divers aboard the vessel TENACIOUS; Captained by Joe Mazaranni . Divers Captain's Steve Gatto & Tom Packer with other divers; Pat Rooney, Bart Malone, Mike Dudas


BelowU-550 divers team picture at BTS 2013 show the divers that located and dove the lost U-550 sunk in 350' FSW off  Naugatuck, two of the team were not present at the time of the photo 

Read story; U 550 Discovered 2012

At BTS show; Left to right Captain John Moyer, Photographer Brad Sheard,  name snot known to me, Captain Steve Gatto, name not known to me Captain Pat Rooney, Captain Joe Mazaranni, Son of a survivor of the U-550 , Mr. Hodge, Tom Packer, name unknown to me

Reprinted Story from the Sentinel Newspaper

Picture of the sign the Seeker crew left underwater after they welded access to a new china area not wanting the divers from the Wahoo to gain access. left to right, Gary Gentile, Captain Steve Bielenda & photographer Brad Sheard, check the full bag of china Gary is holding, the closed hole did not stop the divers from Wahoo from filling their bags with china, later the Seeker divers placed another sign saying the area is open for diving.


Enjoy the Experience of Hard Hat Diving for Information, Presentations and repairs of Vintage regulators & All Helmets &  Historical Hardhat helmets Mark V  Contact Robert Rusnak  vindiver@yahoo.com


Tony Maffatone reprint nitroxdiver   


Mike Swift Andrea Doria Article                    

David Bright Death; Andrea Doria first  tragedy  50th

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